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Version: 1.0
(July 25, 2005)

Who We Are

MYSTECHA is dedicated to encouraging an ongoing relationship with the  transformation of human consciousness. Our principal approach towards fulfilling this endeavor will be via the talismen of talesmen, deep listeners and inveterate storytellers who listen for the voices of wisdom rising in the veins of the world today in order to re-weave them back into the tapestry of the world soul. 

Our intent is to create a series of fun and juicy artistic adventures: storytelling and poetic jams, books that lure us into promises of new possibility , articles and newsletters that gently (or not so gently) remind us to reframe our inner (and outer) dragons, and theatrical rituals, like those of the ancient Greeks, to serve as catapult catalysts, pulling us out of our sticky mindsets and freeing up vistas where new growth can germinate. 

Together with that which is deepest and truest in us, we hope to celebrate and participate in an artistic re-greeing of the world, doing it in a way that promotes joy, hope and possibility for all.  

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  Our Mission Statement

The purpose of MYSTECHA is to remind each and every one of us of the importance of deep storytelling.  Learn to see with new eyes and hear with new ears.  Listen for the transformative call of the world's soul. Watch for the myths, be they ancient or modern, that are bubbling forth into the circle of life.  

And as a result it is our hope that we will all become more adept at:

•  Respecting languages, codes and ideas that differ from our normal view

•  Making sense of our seed place in the greening universe

•  Fostering the recogniziton that we are not alone, that patterns of connection burn within us all

•  Nurturing and growing, in the cauldron of transformation, both our inner and outer relationships

•  Cultivating depth experience through the dance of cosmic myth, story and ritual

•  Generating wormholes that help to carve out paths of possibility both within this universe as well as with any others whose story may intersect ours

•  Sparkling with laughter and having a joyous time in this rich and feisty universe

Mystecha is committed to: 
Good luck in your  journey!


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